About the Contributors

LauraLilly_Headshot#2Laura Lilly – California Sea Grant Fellow 2013-2014 – is working with the West Coast Ocean Observing System (OOS) Regional Associations and the West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health (WCGA) to create oceanographic data products to be used in management and policy of on-going marine debris and ocean acidification issues. She is also updating the OOS OA Assets Inventory as part of larger OOS efforts to map and track OA monitoring assets. The oceanographic data products that she produces are being incorporated into the WCGA Marine Debris Use Case, and will be available through the WCGA West Coast Ocean Data Portal and other regional data portals.

Parissenti Photo for SG WebsiteLiz Parissenti – California Sea Grant Fellow 2013-2014 – is based at the California Ocean Protection Council, where she works on a wide variety of marine management priorities. She is focused on marine protected area (MPA) implementation along California’s coastline, engaging with tribes on marine initiatives, organizing the Resources Agency Sea Grant Advisory Panel, and working with the West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health (WCGA) Climate Change Action Coordination Team.  Her wide variety of products are all aimed at improving ocean health in California and along the West Coast.

Todd Hallenbeck– Oregon Sea Grant Fellow – is hosted in the Oregon Governor’s Office and is working on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP), a science based spatial planning process for analyzing current and anticipated uses of ocean and coastal areas. He will assist the WCGA in development of a CMSP framework that includes data management, decision support tools, and stakeholder engagement. This work will help inform CMSP regionally as he interacts with entities such as the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, Pacific Fishery Management Council, and various federal agencies with responsibilities for ocean and coastal activities, as well as state leadership from the three West Coast states.

Suzanna Stoike – Washington Sea Grant Fellow – is working in the Washington Department of Ecology. Her work focuses on sustainable coastal communities by assisting the Sustainable Communities ACT with carrying out its soon-to-be released implementation plan. Suzanna is helping connect the West Coast Ecosystem-Based Network, a partnership of six community-based initiatives focused on the successful implementation of ecosystem-based management (EBM) along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California, and the IEA ACT, among other activities.

Alison Haupt – USC Sea Grant Fellow –  is working at the California Natural Resources Agency. Alison is building upon the 2009 “West Coast Regional Marine Research and Information Needs” report by the four West Coast Sea Grant programs to develop a “Governor-level” research plan with clear priorities for West Coast research needs. Her work will further the WCGA Action Plan and ACT work plans by identifying research, science and monitoring needs.

Alan Lovewell – California Sea Grant Fellow – is hosted in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle office. Alan’s work is focused on integrating NOAA and WCGA Integrated Ecosystem Assessments (IEAs) initiatives. IEAs describe the ecosystem, assess its current condition, forecast the future ecological health using current management strategies and evaluate alternate strategies and their potential impacts.